Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here again

Hi there!!!

How are you? I finally ended my exams and I came back home so I'm not living in BCN as usual but this is not the only new thing in my life right now!! I'm working full time now so I won't have that much free time... but anyway... I'm earning money and this is really important during sales!!! have you bought anything?!?! I have and I will show it to you in the next posts but for this one:
T-shirt/dress from Zara 8 euros!!! and my beloved fedora from Blanco 5,5 euros!! I'm sooo excited...!!

I also have another thing to tell you... today, I just received my new SLR camera from Nikon!!! it's secondhand and not the best in the market but... c'mon...I'm a student... I don't have money and I want to learn so it was a great deal for me :D


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